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Help the all-volunteer Redford Theatre improve your movie-going experience:

Replace 384 Upper Balcony Seats
Re-carpet the Theatre and Lobbies
Install "Exact-Replica" Foyer Wall Sconces
Improve Parking Facilities
To build this "Stairway to the Stars"
we must raise $150,000 in contributions and grants by May 1st, 2013

You Made A Difference

As a patron of the historic Redford Theatre, we hope you have enjoyed our classic movies, Barton organ overtures, and the beautiful, lovingly restored ambiance that simply cannot be duplicated at home or in a multiplex.

Originally built in 1928, the Redford Theatre was saved from destruction in 1977 by the hard work of many volunteers. We banded together as the Motor City Theatre Organ Society, took out a mortgage to buy the building, worked hard and have paid it off!

Since then, we have prided ourselves on our self-sufficiency. Most restoration work was done one paycheck at a time, the hard-working Detroit way. We earned money by creating and nourishing our classic film series and by selling family-priced concessions. In addition, your generous donations, both large and small, have also helped us operate and maintain the Redford Theatre with an all-volunteer staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thousands of dollars have been collected at donation jars at our concessions, by our 'pagoda' donation box in the lobby, and by small and occasionally large donations from you, our members and patrons. Your contributions have added up and are visible in the restoration already completed throughout the theatre. Thanks again!

Phase One

In 2003, almost 10 years ago, we kicked off our first fundraising campaign to replace the theatre's deteriorated seats. We replaced over 1,100 seats on the main floor and lower balcony with brand-new replicas of 1928-vintage seats.

This project cost $270,000, and was funded by your contributions, helped by matching grants from the State of Michigan and area businesses.

Phase Two

Phase Two of the restoration will occur in the Summer and Fall of 2013. We will briefly interrupt our regular bi-weekly schedule of classic films to complete another important phase of the restoration of the theatre's interior:

Through your large and small contributions the last 9 years, you have helped us raise $188,000. The current economic climate has made state and corporate grants almost non-existent. We would appreciate your tax-deductable contributions by May 1st, 2013 so we can complete this important project enhancing your theatre-going experience.

You Can Make a Difference - Today

Won't you help support this important work? Contributors can sponsor a front-row area seat for $500.00. Other seats can be sponsored for $250.00. Donors of $1,000 and over will be recognized with an engraved plaque on our new donor wall to be located in the theatre lobby. As a contributor to this project, you will join a growing group of Redford Theatre supporters dedicated to preserving an important part of the performing arts in greater Detroit. Please help us with your tax-deductible financial gift. Working together, we'll build a "Stairway to the Stars"

Thank you for your continuing support. The Motor City Theatre Organ Society / Redford Theatre is a Michigan non-profit organization recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax-deductible under IRS guidelines.

Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted.
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Executive Producer$25,000
Assistant Director$2,000
Best Supporting Actor$1,000
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